Edublog nominations!

I love giving thanks & rewarding good work, so here are my nominations for this year’s Edublog awards.


  • Best individual blog: Christopher Lehman has been fantastically inspiring for me this year. 
  • Best group blog: Nerdy Book Club, duh. 
  • Best new blog: Teaching Impact in Urban Bilingual Settings is off to a good start!
  • Best class blog
  • Best student blog
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog: The English Teacher’s Friend is a newsletter & may be ineligible, but I love it so much.
  • Best teacher blog: Two Writing Teachers just make my day. 
  • Best library / librarian blog
  • Best administrator blog
  • Most influential blog post of the year
  • Best individual tweeter: I enjoy @neilhimself
  • Best twitter hashtag: #reading. Simple pleasures. 
  • Best free web tool
  • Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast
  • Best educational wiki: I only recently discovered Storykeepers, but I like it so much.
  • Best open PD / unconference / webinar series
  • Best educational use of a social network: #sixword on Twitter is my favorite.
  • Best mobile app
  • Lifetime achievement

I need to read more blogs! I can’t wait for nominees to be announced so I can scout out some reading. 

Nominations are only open until tomorrow! Click here to nominate your favorite blogs!


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